Welcome to Fundamentales

In today’s world there is nothing more important than stimulating and enriching the minds of our children.  One of the best ways to achieve this, and to tap into their seemingly endless imaginations, is through books that give life to the exciting new discoveries and interpersonal challenges that they face.  With colorful and personable characters, these books do just that. Written in catchy rhyme, each lovable character of each book shares his or her story and provides you with a brief escape from the real world, a few laughs, and best of all, a fundamental lesson in each tale.  The "Fundamentales" series includes books about facing fears, being yourself, sharing, safety, eating right and staying active, doing your chores and having responsibilities, caring for others, and much more!

Visit author Brian Barlics's website for additional information at brianbarlicsauthor.com

You can purchase either "Brady Needs a Nighlight" or "The Perfect Shade of Green" from BlackRoseWriting.com or amazon.com